House of Industry and Refuge Resident Database

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This searchable database is a transcription of the Wellington County House of Industry and Refuge Admission Register between 1877 and 1922. Additional research can be found under the Details tab for each resident. Subsequent years will be added on a yearly basis.

Many residents were discharged and re-admitted, usually only once or twice, but in one case eleven times. Each re-admission meant a new admission number was assigned to the resident. The background information on each individual is linked to the first admission number they were assigned. "See" references are used to redirect to the first admission number assigned to each resident admitted more than once.

This database contains historic language that includes racist, sexist, ableist, and otherwise discriminatory terminology. These descriptions reflect the language and attitudes of the historical period in which they were created.

We welcome any feedback or additional background information on residents listed in our database. Please email

Details Year Admitted Date Admitted First Name Last Name Age Occupation Nativity Cause of Pauperism Duration Municipality Committed By Male Female Idiot Orphan Born in house Days as Vagrant Date of Discharge Discharged Absconded Died On Trial Bound Out No of days Board Remarks Notes